The Lagniappe Way

As history demonstrates, the spirit of American entrepreneurialism has taken us far in the world. The bedrock values of American business, overall—rugged individualism, honest work, grass roots determination, pride in one’s work, and end product par excellence—are reflected in our company and every member of our team. The Lagniappe mission is pure when it comes to its principles: offer quality services with the highest level of craftsmanship. That honest commitment is not the easy way, we realize, but its our way, and it’s not easily duplicated.

While we cherish traditional work values, being a small revolution in the way of doing things in construction is something we believe in. We have a sustained passion to invest in our workers and, in turn, advance our communities. Happier members of our team are more productive, and that makes for a better product. They, in turn, have the ability to provide well for their families and invest back into the surrounding community, making America stronger.

When you invest in Lagniappe, you invest in your community. You invest in a home-grown business with humble beginnings. Above all, you invest in quality and industry expertise to get the job done right the first time.

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